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05 Apr, 2012 - Somaliland Watch Group - The government of Siilanyo acts as though the world began when they took over the Somaliland administration!

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Somaliland calling


In the absence of a functioning parliament to check a mindless and corrupt administration compounded, by the absence of an opposition party made necessary for this forum to fill in the void. This forum and other forums must come forward to answer the call of conscience the Mother is calling!
The presence of a careless and corrupt administration is a pain to all of us. The corruption is wide spread and the latest was the shipments of aid intended to go to the poor of the poor but ended up to a higher level government officials who are not in prison!

The intent of this article is to shed light on the deficiencies, mishaps, missteps and mismanaging coming from the government in many areas of immense importance, which this forum sees them serious enough to be addressed, before it develops in to catastrophic stages. Some times, actually most of the times, people don’t like the truth to be told even when it is intended to correct them and to show their mistakes! Worst yet some people take it personal even when it is corrective analysis! This forum, with patriotic and honesty intent, means just to draw attention to some crisis which could have a damaging consequences to Somaliland if not attended and it is not attended thus far! Isolation of Somaliland, (not when it is considered a region) security holes and government malfeasances are some of our problems to shed light on!

When our brothers, our sisters, and our leaders and all whom we love and care, make mistakes of enormous dimensions, when they are wronging (the state) others, we have an obligation to come to their aid by stopping them when what they are doing is wrong and hurting and harming the people and the state. How? Tell them the truth even when they hate hearing the truth! That is a prophetic advice from the prophet of Allah. (swt) it is also morally the right thing to do. That is the intent of this letter from this forum, nothing more nothing less.

Along these moral lines and along what our prophet told us to do we are trying to support our government to show where they have blundered so that they remedy the problem they mainly created, if so they are ready for this and if they are heeding this call of conscience.

To characterize this article Other than what it intends for, will be utterly inaccurate and unjustified. On the other side, this reflects our point of view of how things are going in the wrong direction in our country under this government of Mr. Siilanyo thus far!

Politics of deception:

The government of Siilanyo acts as though the world began when they took over the Somaliland administration! This is because Most of Siilanyo’s pack had insufficient historical, psychological and emotional bond and connections with the New Somaliland! Some of them may be morally wanting!
They need to understand that they are doing and some times undoing a continuation of policies set for Somaliland long before they come to the scene with their fast track corruption and Afwainistic conduct and behavior in doing the nations business!.
They think the world began with them regarding Somaliland’s bid for recognition as well! They are wrong in this front too! Time will tell us how much they damaged what they have inherited from the previous administrations! A united Somaliland and a functioning government were handed over to them. Where is that now!?

Unlike the understanding of Mr. Siilanyo and his pack on government, and what government is for, we say a government must exist for the interest of the governed and not for the interest of the governors.
In democratic legitimate governments the rulers are the servants and the people are the owners of the government which the government manages on their behalves. And they must do that in the right way.

They seem that they do not fully understand this, or they just snub and shrug off and say, “We are at the helm of power and who cares the rest,” just as they did to Kulmiye Party! Most likely they simply failed and resist acknowledging their failure!
It would be wise on their part to seek help to correct what has been blundered and then move on! Unlike their understanding or misunderstanding of a democratic moral government, the truth is that the people are the only legitimate owner of the government. Unfortunately and on the contrary they borrow some pages from Afwaine’s book! .They shamelessly, carries out the politics of “Guulwadism” and cabalism!

The saddest spin-off is that they believe their ‘Afwainistic’ style soothes the citizenry in to thinking that every thing they did or did not do were / are right and those who are blowing the (national) whistle are for a post in the government! Surprise, surprise!
Mr. Siilanyo had put Somaliland on the verge of disaster in one time and almost caused a civil war in another time all for a post!!! One time was during the SNM movement and the other time was when he was in the opposition seeking the position he is in now!
It is however disingenuous, to brandish and tarnish the conscionable and moral people, who have every right to seek any position including his post, in the Somaliland government. Their sin was that they only highlighted the corruption ridden administration of Mr. Siilanyo.

We don’t want to go in to this new “Afwainistic behavior and attitude in performance and propaganda on the part of our government. We however, want to shed light on the additional problem to Somaliland’s quest for her recognition and that is “talk to Majurtenia (an additional hurdle) proposal!” it is adding up! First it was talk to Somalia + now to Majurtania called puntland +and then the neighboring countries etc, etc.
Is this the achievement the foreign office and the president talk about?
Is this what the cabals received bonus to support the administration and dispense the propaganda of the government!?
Is this the achievement the government calls for the cabals and phony Sultans to support on behalf of them? ‘Afwainistic in it’s ugly head!

The birth of the so-called “khaatumu state and the London conference for Somalia produced this new problem in which our government’s poor judgment and Ali Galaydh created it, each one in his own way and means!!
The question is, then what? What is the position of our government in this quagmire?
It was a moment that never led us to move to reconcile and recognize the shortcomings of the government! They are still in denial, and telling the people every thing is OK!

1-The head of the government of Somaliland, who approved and helped the “Taleex” convention which created the so-called “Khaatumo” state, did not address the nation on this new problem (he created) which gave Majertania which is an ardent enemy of Somaliland an opening to undermine our bid for recognized Republic! The first time the country has been divided in this way and the first time Somaliland was told to talk to Majeurtania!

2-The head of the government, Mr. Siilanyo did not address the nation about the truth of the Somalia conference in London either? Instead they are doing “Guulwadation” activities. Another page from Afwaine’s philosophy in governing!

3-No one, parliament or Guurti did call the head of the government in to account of his government’s activities or in activities! He did not inform the nation about his policies of what he did and did not in this end! Instead they approved for his request to do even more!

4-The clan with the Ethiopian government uniform killing (our people) other clans is a diplomatic message from Ethiopian regime to Siilanyo’s administration!
That is an indication to the worsened relationship, between the two governments. Instead of addressing these problems the Siilanyo’s administration either kept quite or pretends that nothing has happened or lied about all these problems!

“Edward Leigh, a senior Conservative member of Parliament, was asked the following question at a debate in the British parliament, " We have friendly and long ties to the people of Somaliland, and they have attained great development which has so far eluded Somalia, therefore, hasn't the time arrived for the de-jure recognition of Somaliland?"
Responding to that question the British Secretary of International Development, Andrew Mitchell, stated that “Foreign Secretary Hague has previously stated that the need to resolve the border disputes between Somaliland and Puntland, however, the issue of Somaliland's international de-jure recognition must be addressed by Somaliland and Somalia, and the neighboring countries in the region".
(Sources: Qarannews, London, England)

How and who escalated and brought this new add on problems of “talk to Majurtania / puntland thing!?
In recent days, we have been hearing threats from Faroole of Majurtania, saying that with out his region’s participation of any (future) talks between Somalia and Somaliland, is just an exercise in futility! What a seriously confident guy! Many people were seeing faroole’s argument just bluffing. But it seems that was not the case at all but has a point in his argument whether it is legitimate or not, and guess what- the foreign Secretary of Britain Mr. Hague gave Mr, Faroole’s claim a steam and relevance! (See the quote above)
The question is who gave the leader of Maturtania this opening!? The simple answer to this question is Mr. Siilanyo through Taleex convention gave Faroole the environment and the opportunity that encouraged him to do what he is doing in the international arenas and it seems that it bore fruit for him! Whether he will harvest this new found fruit or not is up to the Somaliland people alone! Their government failed them in this front and in many other fronts!

We tempt to quote what the Minister of defense, Mr.Adame said about the Taleex convention which the “so called Khaatumo-state” was born:
1-He said, “The delegates of the Taleex convention did not sneak into the country. They openly landed in Somaliland’s Air ports- Hargeisa and Berbera.

2- Logistics and other needed support were given to them from here (meaning from the government)

3- The pen which signed Taleex convention was accepted from here (Hargeisa)

4-the history will tell how ONE let a flood overrun his house!” What ever that means!

Those are not our words; it was the words of a frank member of Siilanyo’s administration, mentioned his name above. Therefore who dropped the ball?
Who is still collecting cabals and clan merchants and innocent women to the streets of Hargeisa and else where and telling them to demonstrate for the achievement attained by his government from Somalia’s conference in London!? Who is strangely borrowing pages and pages from Afwaine in attitude and behavior in propaganda venture?

There are many things which we accept until we reject to accept them.
Unless Mr. Siilanyo and his pack change them selves, these failed and deceptive policies and Afwainistic behavior will continue until Somaliland ceases! But that must never be acceptable!
Over powered by other experiences such as disappearance of the light of the star and the stars them selves, when there is sun shine in which the light of the stares is not really lost but is out shone by sun light. How long can the lies and failures out shine the truth? The lies shall be unveiled and the truth shall shine over the lies and The end belongs to the righteous.

Summary of facts:

Remember when they dug a grave and pushed us in to it! When we went in there soon we found that hell was coming out from there! We looked around nervously and called for help. The captains who brought us there were no were there! They were MIA! (Missing in action) In fact they jumped ship! We called them at the top of our voice but no response! We even voted over 73% to get out of the grave and go back home. Our cry felt on deaf ears!
Remember we did not dig that grave for our selves, the so-called elites or politicians of the 60s dug that grave for the people of Somaliland unintentionally and out of ignorance!
Why did they do that to us! Why didn’t they take us back home when they saw it!? The answer was that they were not only ignorant but they were divided!
Our woe did not only begin because we went to Somalia with out a plan, our woe began because the politicians went to Somalia divided!
Under Siilanyo’s government Somaliland is divided more than ever
One has every reason to smell a rat when the government calls certain people back to Somaliland! These personalities were against S /L, yesterday and the day before!

More you see certain activities going on these days in Hargeisa more you worry.
People must never allow certain groups to represent them in a future dialogue between Somaliland and Somalia. Those who believe in Somaliland, those who lost their sons and daughters, fathers and mothers must never again trust the untrustworthy, unconscionable and immoral ‘show me the money people’! Civil society, must participate any future negotiations, with Somalia. Religious and traditional leaders must participle in any dialogue. People in the know (the honest ones) must be the vanguard in this.

It took us to un-dug and get out from that grave for over 30 years, and not only that, we paid incredible blood and treasure to do that. In the end we came back home in 1991
Similar idiots like those of 60s are now digging us a mass grave. This time most probably premeditatedly as believed by most people!

1- It seems that there are no moral bounds in some quarters in the government of Mr. Siilanyo with the exception of the Minister they recently sacked, unceremoniously!
Then shame is a shamed of what they are doing and what they are not doing!

2- Corruption became part of the culture of the government and accepted as such! The government is used as a cash-cow for the governors and the governed is neglected and disregarded

3- The constitution is pushed a side and stands there just for name only, whereby the ruler runs the business of the government by Degree!

4-The government is no more for the governed in an equal way but it is for the governors and their close “am egos”

5- The country is divided and no one trusts the other, more so the government!
The integrity and the trust of the government are in the lowest margin ever!

6- The government is not even remorseful which means they are not ready for repentance and re-correction of their mistakes, thus we are for sure in trouble

7- The two houses of parliament are disastrously dysfunctional
The terms of their duty in parliament are expired long time ago and not only that, the representatives of the two houses are intellectually and morally expired! They take their orders from (executive branch) the branch of the government they are supposed to check

8- We believe that it is a matter of time when our army at the eastern front will disintegrate and disperse (God forbid) if we do not address their problems wisely. Now they are talking of a solder that left his area with his military gear and crossed to the other side! This unfortunate incident may be the result of the following reasons:

a) Most of them are not relieved from their tour of duty for years and years! There is a fatigue problem there.

b) There general welfare was not sufficiently taken care of!

c) Too many and too contradictory orders are given to them by different people who see things on the political spectrum and have no clue on the military side, or even don’t care!

d) The kids stationed there are demoralized and feel mistreated and neglected!

The president is now operating in the long shadow casted by the president preceded him!
We never thought for a minute that it will come to this, but it did! Mr. Siilanyo glorified Mr. Riyaale for what he did and what he did not do for Somaliland for the short time he is the head of to day’s government in Somaliland! Somaliland was united when he took over. It is not united now! Corruption exceeded Riyaale’s time three times at least!
They put Somaliland on top of an undermined sand cliff! Any shift of that sand will put Somaliland down! It is that serious!
Somaliland is calling! Let us answer that call of conscience as some of us did before. Turn the pages of history and answer that call, by exposing and illuminating the truth.


Even though they are functioning differently and running the people’s government like a small family business, despite that they have to come to terms to the truth that First and foremost Mr.Siilanyo and his pack better understand that the People are the bosses and governors are the servants of the people. They are also on contract. That is what we expect from a free and a democratic government. They need to heed the voice of the people and change direction, intention and how they run the government of the people.

1--Build and preach the gospel of self confidence and remind the people how they confronted and defeated Siad Bare of Somalia by their steel confidence, unity and conviction
Convey to the people that Allah recognized Somaliland and the sovereignty of Somaliland when He made her a place of peace and progress through their devotion and resilience. The recognition we deserve is just a matter of time. We don’t need to tell lies!

It was yesterday when they said main land Republic of China did not exist, not recognized! They said Taiwan was recognized as the sole Representative of the people of China. Time came and time changed and the truth came out off the shadow. Same thing will happen here if we persist and get God fearing, honest, visionary and caring leadership.

2- Abandon sacrificing Somaliland and our people south of the border for few who are close to the leadership! Look at what is happening to our people south of the border. Some one is sending diplomatic message to the leadership of Somaliland. It is loud and clear!
A clan under the disguise of the Ethiopian army uniform and war equipment is slaughtering our people there, while Prime Minister. Zenawi is looking the other side, apparently with a tacit approval of this slaughter! It is a clear message to Somaliland government

3- Unite the people and grow up from betting one against the other!

4- Stop the politics of smallness; the politics of ostrich! Broaden your vision and out look and look beyond vindictive politics
Let us Stop the politics of divide and rule, let us look beyond the house the present leader resides

6- Let us stop the politics of lies in which mostly [but not confined to] the Ministry of foreign affairs make her strategy as to cover deficiencies from their side! That agency is a sample of deceit and deception as widely believed! The government of Siilanyo lost the trust of the people! They lost integrity! We believe they have to regain the trust of the people by showing them “the Gooder” they can do.

On a serious note: Focus on the bottom line, not pictures, not lies! No flash gets the job done
The bottom line [the bottom line is enshrined in the constitution through a national Referendum] is to keep the bottom line, the bottom line. That means to keep Somaliland united and not divided as is now! That means to keep Somaliland’s hopes and aspirations which is her independence a life, and to keep it in a NO GO ZONE, when it comes, her independence. That means to be honest to the cause which is again our independence of course. Never bend Somaliland’s cause for any one who ever that one could be. Somaliland’s right to be an independent state is sacrosanct. That means to fight for that noble cause tooth and nail. That means to have a vision and the intuition to realize what you are fighting for. That means to save guard the security, stability, unity and equality of all the communities of Somaliland, to the best of your ability.
That means to have what it takes. That is the leadership Maxim.

We don’t minimize the task in hand for this government or any other government. We recognize its enormity, its twists and turns and the difficulties involved thereof. All we are saying is that transparency and clarity of things must be there as to see and judge what went wrong, and what not, and whether or not it has been addressed. How wrongly or rightly it was addressed. The people and their government must not be in two spheres as they are now.

Somaliland Watch Group

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