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Presidents reshuffles cabinet as he sacks several ministers

15 Mar, 2012 -
HARGEISA - President Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud (Silanyo)has reshuffles his cabinet after sacking senior ministers, assistant ministers and heads of governmental agencies as it has been expected in the last couple of days.

The following are the dismissed cabinet members.
1) The Minister of Finance Eng mohamed Hashi Elmi
2) Minister of Public Works and Transportation Prof Ismail Mumin Aar.
3) Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Ilhan Mohamed Jama
4) Minister of Sports and Culture Abdi Said Fahiye,
5) Minister of Post and Telecommunication Dr Ahmed Hashi Oday
6) Assistant Minister in Ministry of Finance Warsame Said Abdi
7) Assistant Minister in Ministry of Foreign Affairs Mohamed Yonis Awale
8) The Head of Civil Service Commission Muhumed Aw Abdi Ismail.
9) The Assistant Commissioner of Civil Service Commission Ahead Ali Hersi.

President meanwhile has named new Minister’s assistan, ministers and heads of governmental agencies who are to assume office with immediate effect.

1) Minister of Finance Hon Abdi-Aziz Mohamed Samale
2) Ministry of Public Services and Transportation Ahmed Abdi Habsade
3) Ministry of Information and National Guidance Abdi Yusuf Du’ale (Boobe)
4) Ministry of Sports and Culture Ali Said Raygal
5) Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Mohamud Ahmed Barre (Garaad)
6) Assistant Minister of Interior and Security Abdillahi Abokor Osman.
7) Minister for State for Finance Osman Abdillahi Sahardid.
8) Assistant Minister in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Mawlid Mohamud Ibrahim
9) The new head for Civil Service Commission Nuh Sheikh Muuse Du’ale
10) The Assistant Commissioner of the Civil Service Commission Mohamed Omar Abdillahi


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